Real-time React DOM Manipulation using an API. No page reload required.
Real CELEBRITY Face Recognition! Real Machine Learning. Done in React, calling the Clarifai API.
Headless Shopify
Custom Shopify Storefront Chakra UI for the front end Done in React, calling the Storefront API.
Headless Shopify
NEXTJS + SHOPIFY Modern Storefront Tailwind UI used on the front end Done in NextJS, calling the Storefront API.
Custom Shopify
Clean modern design Shopify CLI | Liquid | CSS (Password: mowvad)
React Match
Fun, functional simple React card match game. Showcases useState & useEffect. Using React, JavaScript & CSS.
Hulu 2.0
Hulu 2.0 Responsive UI Showcases Tailwind Responsive CSS Grid. Using NextJS + Tailwind + CSS + Heroicons
Headless Shopify
Animated Gradient Background Clean Modern UI Base to build any store NextJS, GraphQL, Tailwind UI, Storefront API
Custom Shopify 2.0
Dynamic Product Tags & Collection Images Full Customization, Product Pages Liquid, CSS, JavaScript
Custom Shopify 2.0
Figma to Shopify development Full Premium Theme Customization Liquid, CSS, JavaScript Pass: (deortu)